Special Projects and Associations

This page is especially for special non-writing projects and associate programs that I have personally tried and felt worth sharing with the members of my reader community. NOTE: These ARE affiliate links — I earn from purchases made through these links. Many of these have discounts available for those who shop through The Hobby Novelist, and using these resources helps me have more time to write and to work on the other special projects that you will find here.

CBD Oil from Cannabadiol.com

As someone with serious health issues including spastic MS, joint degeneration, cardiac disrhythmias, and other autoimmune issues, it’s hard for me to find relief from pain, etc., that doesn’t slow me down. As you’ve probably figured out from following my blog, Facebook or Twitter, I don’t really slow down much, so having medications that make me drowsy or disconnected really impact my daily life and make it very difficult for me to care for myself in the way that I need to. One thing that has been wonderful has been discovering CBD and CBD extracts. These US-legal products, extracted from hemp, provide an alternative to some of the more intrusive opiate-based medications that I have to take to control my symptoms, and allow me a much more connected life than I might have otherwise.

The Hobby Novelist Knits at Storenvy.com

As you have probably noted from my blog, one of my favorite hobbies is knitting, and I love knitting for others. The Hobby Novelist Knits provides a selection of limited-stock, hand-knit items to keep or give as gifts. Items are clearly labeled with either animal- or vegan- sourced materials, to help those who have special needs in terms of either their desire to maintain an animal-free lifestyle or for those who may be allergic to certain animal fibers. Later on this spring, we’ll also be introducing the Better than Barefoot line, which will be hand-knit socks with special, protective soles, in both indoor and outdoor styles, to make running around a whole lot more comfortable and a lot more fun.