• Sunday Community Corner – Featuring Arianna Leigh of Elegant Psychosis

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    Elegant Psychosis SHOWCASE:

    'They Come With Hamnmers - Copyright Elegant Psychosis Designs - Arianna Leigh, 2015

    ‘They Come With Hammers’ – Copyright Elegant Psychosis – Arianna Leigh 2016

    GfL - Arianna Leigh, 2015

    ‘GfL’ – Copyright Arianna Leigh – Elegant Psychosis Designs, 2015

    'Death and Roses' - Arianna Leigh, 2016

    ‘Death and Roses’ – Copyright Arianna Leigh – Elegant Psychosis Designs, 2016







    Well, it’s Sunday — so today, I’m reaching out to you, and to the art community-at-large, and pulling both of you into a HUGE hug, and giving you the chance to meet one another, so that my friends who appreciate art can meet and be WOW’d by some of the great artists, writers, and creative souls of many styles who are coming up in our community.

    The disdain, among the general public, for the Arts in the United States is completely incomprehensible to me. For a nation who lives in front of their TV sets, you’d think that they would understand that all of their entertainment — from Wrestling to Fox News — is a creative process. Storytelling. Art. Film. Music… You can’t have movies without Art. You can’t have sitcoms without Art… and it doesn’t matter the ‘quality’ of the art, really — Beauty is, as always, in the eye of the beholder. But with ZERO support for the arts, where do they think that the next creator of their favorite ‘escape’ is going to come from?


    Arianna Leigh of Elegant Psychosis Designs--MUA, wardrobe styling, 2-D and 3-D artist.

    Arianna Leigh of Elegant Psychosis Designs

    Elegant Psychosis - Arianna Leigh

    Elegant Psychosis – Arianna Leigh

    So, today, I’m going to introduce you to an INCREDIBLE young artist by the name of Arianna Leigh of Elegant Psychosis Designs. Arianna is a visual artist in a slew of mediums, from makeup to acrylics to multi-media to faux nails and performance art as a bio-queen, burlesque performer, and drag-king.

    I asked Arianna a few questions about herself and her art.

    THN: How long have you been an artist, and when was the first time you realized that there was a word for what you loved to do?

    AL: I have been an artist since I could hold a pencil, or operate a pair of scissors. I don’t really remember discovering a name for what I love to do. It’s all art. I still struggle with what to call myself; the closest I’ve found is the word Æstheste – one having or affecting sensitivity to the beautiful especially in art. The only way I can explain what I do is if it’s a medium that I can manipulate into the image I seek, I can create with it.

    THN: Who have been your greatest influences — the ones who have lasted through almost all of your formal time in art?

    AL: Some of my favourite artists are Brian M Viveros, Trevor Brown, Audrey Kawasaki, and one who’s alias has changed from “Daddies Gurl” to “CryWolfe” to presently “Ruby Wolfe”, or “wvlfcvlt”. I would have to say that my longest-running, strongest influence has been my sister – Mia Calderone.

    THN: What is the favorite piece of art or makeup that you’ve created and why?

    AL: My favourite piece… that is a really tough question. So many of my works are so emotionally charged, I always feel a physical, emotional response when I look at them, and get taken back to why that piece was created. Favourite makeup looks… still tough. Generally, the ones with the most morbid beauty. Ones that make you ask questions, or want to know more. I think one of my looks that I’m most proud of is an anti-valentines glamour look. I had no plan, and wasn’t very thrilled with it during its creation, but by the time I was done, I was in awe.

    Arianna Leigh – Anti-Valentines Elegant Psychosis 2016










    THN:Are there any rituals that you use to help you tap into your creative process?

    AL: I don’t think I have too many rituals. I absolutely need music or background noise. Usually being fueled by some form of passion just pulls pieces out of me, but that’s not always the case, and sometimes is out of my control.


    Arianna Leigh has a variety of visual artwork available to share with the community. Currently, you can find her working her art on people’s faces, at MAC Cosmetics-Macy’s  in the Macy’s store at the Houston Galleria. In addition, her Visual Art pieces can be purchased through her Elegant Psychosis shop at StorEnvy. You can contact her through her Elegant Psychosis Facebook or Instagram [as Elegant Psychosis] to arrange for custom commission pieces including works of wall art, glamorous artistic faux nails, makeup sessions for photoshoots or special events, and other creative outlets.

    In addition, you can find Arianna Leigh expressing the more in-person aspects at various events in and around Houston. 


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