• Ok, so here’s the obligatory post about me and about why I created The Hobby Novelist

    About The Hobby Novelist:

    The idea for the Hobby Novelist was born out of two very special ideas. The first came out of a discussion among several individuals who were vying for which of them got to call themselves a “professional” author. The criteria for such a designation seemed to revolve less around whether or not one -loved- to write, and whether or not one had sold one’s writing, and more about whether or not one was willing to put everything else in one’s life on hold and -suffer-, giving up everything for one’s writing. I immediately decided that if -this- was the criteria for the “professional novelist” then it -wasn’t- me.

    A few weeks later, one of my favorite people — my “go-to” resource for all things about getting paid for the craft of writing, C. Hope Clark (http://hopeclark.blogspot.com/) wrote a blog about ‘branding’. And that inspired me. I already knew what my brand was — I’d just never said it out loud. So here it is. I am “The Hobby Novelist”. I even wrote a blog about it here (http://www.aetherbound.com/posts/the-hobby-novelist/) on the blog pages of the publishing cooperative that I am part of.

    So there you go. I’m a hobby novelist. So far, I have two published novels, and several published short stories. I also have several medical journal articles and have provided editorial support for two medical textbooks — but honestly, those are another world (they’re the world of my day job — which is one reason that I -am- a hobby novelist. I have an awesome day job, doing work to help people heal from really difficult stuff, and I have no intention of giving up doing THAT for a good long time!)

    So now that you’ve gotten through the good stuff — here’s a little bit about me.

    About Storm Weaver

    Author, (Grand)Mother, Philosopher, Dreamer, Sustainable Gardener,Avid Sock and Sweater Knitter, Activist and Medical Writer — Storm Weaver has a love for all her many hats, and occasionally wears more than one of them at the same time — along with the occasional pair of Vibram Five Fingers or mismatched socks!

    Storm dangles her toes in the central Gulf of Mexico, dancing with hurricanes and thumbing her nose at 100+ degree (F) days with equal aplomb. She shares a life with SilverRose, and shares in the lives of her four grown children, their loves, their offspring, and their friends.

    You can find out more about my novels and short stories on the Publications page, and I hope that you’ll enjoy hearing more from The Hobby Novelist.



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