• Starting a New Chapter — What to do when the illusion of ‘security’ goes away.

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    I know that some of you enjoy what I write. You enjoy it, and you read it, and you look forward to it. And I’m going to do something that is very scary and difficult for me to do, but I’m going to do it anyway, because it’s time.
    In January, the job that I had held for 13 years gave way to the pressures of the economy, and then, it was gone. It was unexpected, and traumatic, and it took me a while to grasp that security is an illusion that we feed ourselves with, that doesn’t really have a huge bearing in reality, and that, once again, I was going to have to make a way for myself — put myself out there and let myself be seen.
    For my whole life, I’ve loved being a storyteller. I love sharing my stories, and watching and listening to people as they immerse themselves in the worlds I create. Now, when doors of opportunity have opened, and I am looking out at the vast Universe, the voice of my Storyteller is crying to be heard. This is something I really want to do, and the only thing holding me back is fear. Fear that I won’t be good enough… Fear that nobody will want to buy into the worlds that I create. But, if I don’t try now, when I’ve been pushed onto the path that allows me this creativity, when will I? So I’m going to ask a favor of you. I have a Patreon. The link is on the first page of my Blog. I’ve set it up so that, for just a few dollars a month (less than $5), Patrons can subscribe to get ‘episodes’ of my stories, as they’re written. Having regular subscribers will do a couple of things for me. It will keep me productive — because I believe in giving people value for their money, and my productivity, in quality stories, is something that they’ve put -themselves- out there for, in a very real, very tangible way. The other thing that it will allow me to do is to do what I’ve wanted to do for my entire life — tell stories, tell them well, and share them with people who want to -read- them as much as I want to -write- them. 
    My genre is Science Fiction/Fantasy (SFF). My preferred medium for communicating with my readers is through direct-to-reader technology. My stories are intense and character-driven. I would like to give the people who know me and who enjoy that kind of material an opportunity to participate in a wildly terrifying, wildly incredibly journey with me. I hope that you’ll consider supporting a newly-hatched Creative, and help me find my wings. Click on my Patreon button, and join me in seeing where the journey will take us.
    Thank you,
    Storm Weaver
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