The Worlds of Roulette – The Most Dangerous Game of Chance in the Galaxy

Co-Authored with Cat Callaghan

Worlds of Roulette is a serial speculative fiction adventure story, based on the reality that the Universe is all about gambling — and sometimes, that gambling is with people’s lives.

You have a chance to survive this, but that chance rests with you. The human race is slipping into obscurity, and you are being given an opportunity to prove that there is some intelligence left in the race after all.

You have ONE HOUR to get to the ground floor. Once all of the Contestants arrive, your next game objective will be quantified. 

Good luck… you’ll need it.

Coming in 2017




Roulette: Spin the Wheel

Roulette: Drop the Ball

Roulette: Break the House


Roulette: Bonus Spin