The Hobby Novelist -- The Best of Many Worlds

I'm a hobby novelist. So far, I have two published novels, and several published short stories. I also have several medical journal articles and have provided editorial support for two medical textbooks -- but honestly, those are another world (they're the world of my day job -- which is one reason that I -am- a hobby novelist. I have an awesome day job, doing work to help people heal from really difficult stuff, and I have no intention of giving up doing THAT for a good long time!)

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The Hobby Novelist's Books

Here is where you'll find Storm Weaver's books currently in publication and where you'll find a link to Aetherbound Press, which is an Author Collective that is a cool concept in publishing in the modern era!

Free Stories

Here's where you'll find free stories -- Mostly short stories that will give you a taste of something a little different. (*Just a short warning -- These are Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror stories -- some of these stories have really strong imagery or themes. I believe that parents should keep track of what their kids are doing on the internet -- so I'd suggest that you, as parents, read these first before you decide whether they're appropriate for your kids. I tell the stories -- it's up to YOU to decide whether or not they're right for you and your family!*)

The Hobby Novelist Blog

Here's the BLOG -- Writing tidbits, thoughts about concepts, things friends have done, and stuff about a wide range of interests, philosophies, and all kinds of stuff to peeve the neighbors!

The Other Hobbies

Here you'll find pictures of other hobby projects I've been working on besides writing... cool stuff, the best work I can do, and nothing less just because I'm not a "pro". I promise!

From The Blog

Storm Weaver - The Hobby Novelist Author, (Grand)Mother, Philosopher, Dreamer, Sustainable Gardener, Activist and Medical Writer -- Storm Weaver has a love for all her many hats, and occasionally wears more than one of them at the same time. Storm dangles her toes in the central Gulf of Mexico, dancing with hurricanes and thumbing her nose at 100+ degree (F) days with equal aplomb. She shares a life with SilverRose, and shares in the lives of her four grown children, their loves, their offspring, and their friends.